Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rocking Dolly Screen

I'm currently doing a screenprinting course. The first print I did was pretty damn awesome (well at least I think so). So, here is my first screen & when I get around to it I'll scan in the print.

Home on the Range

The other day some old friends were here from the home country and we were catching up. As you do with people from out of town, we went to the Australian Hotel for the Kangaroo Pizza. Yum Yum. When the pizza's came out they were on plates that we all recognised as ones our parent's had had while we were growing up- on the other side of the world! So, I had to take a photo and say "Hello Mom, I'm thinking of you as always".

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Looking for a Pooh Bear image with the caption "oh Bother" is apparently harder than you would expect. I did, however, find my name in one thanks to
this Flickr user
(you should check out some of the interesting illustrations they have uploaded in the millions of sets). pretty darn groovy if you ask me.